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Rottweiler Vs Pitbull Tug Of War

rottweiler vs pitbull tug of war

Rottweiler’s and Pitbulls are are two of the main dog breeds that make it to national headlines from time to time. Both breeds are given a bad wrap due to dog attacks. Whether you are a Pitbull owner or a Rottweiler owner, the love given to either breed along with ...

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10 Funniest Rottweiler Videos

10 funniest rottweiler videos

If you love Rottweiler’s then this video is for you. This is the 10 funniest Rottweiler videos combined into one video for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to leave comments below.

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Rottweiler Eats Cheese Burger

rottweiler eats cheese burger

This adorable looking Rottweiler will take a cheeseburger any day over a doggie bone. Cultus, Kym Ozols’ Rottweiler enjoys a good cheeseburger from McDonalds, or Maccas as it is called in Australia. He probably should have super-sized it because he scarfed down that cheese burger pretty quick. Watch the video ...

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Rottweiler Best Breed

rottweiler best breed

In spite of the fact that the Rottweiler breed we perceive today began in Germany in the early piece of the twentieth century, it has a history that goes much further back and crosses Europe. There is no archived history for the early beginnings of the Rottweiler, yet it’s accepted ...

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Rottweiler Shot By Officer

rottweiler shot by officer

Rottweiler Shot By Officer-Caught on Video A Pasco County agent shot a Rottweiler while reacting to a call, which was recorded by his body cam, and now the police department is confronting death threats. The Rottweiler’s owner is stating the deputy did not need to shoot her Rottweiler, but rather Sheriff Chris Nocco says he was ...

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Rottweiler shot by police in Hawthorne

rottweiler shot by police in hawthorne-dog killed

Rottweiler shot by police in Hawthorne Los Angeles As indicated by the Huffington Post, the feature got 32,000 upvotes after only two hours of presenting it on Reddit. NBC Los Angeles reported that police were arrested the Rottweiler owner Leon Rosby for “obstructing peace officers” at a SWAT stand-off on 137th Street and ...

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Rottweiler Saves Family From Fire

rottweiler saves family from fire

Rottweiler Saves Family From Fire Without a doubt you think about that radiant breed and how genuine he is and how he cherishes all his family members and ensures them protection until his he takes his last breath. This incredible story shows how a rottweiler saves family from fire. A home owner and his ...

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