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Crying Rottweiler

Crying Rottweiler

The video below shows a crying rottweiler as he lays on top of his brother’s lifeless body. Brutus the Rottweiler has become popular across the internet after a video was spread around. The heartbreaking video was shot after Brutus’s brother passed away during the night. You can clearly see the Brutus is sad and has watery eyes. Very seldom do you come across a crying rottweiler but this video clearly depicts one. Brutus and his brother were from the same litter and were close friends before he passed. Brutus and his owner Brett Bennett  are from Seattle, Washington and prayers go out to the both of them.

Brutus the Crying Rottweiler
Brutus looking sad as he lays across his brothers lifeless body

Bennett adopted the pair of rottweilers from a rescue shelter. He had set up a Facebook page for the two rottweilers in bid to share their cute antics with everyone. Their YouTube channel had also scored more than 23 million views.

Brutus the crying rottweiler and his brother Hank

The latest photograph uploaded online shows Brutus’s brother, Hank lying on a beach in happier times. Bennett said that the deceased rottweiler was ‘larger than life’ and ‘extraordinary’. He added that Hank was a protector of my family and a great brother to Brutus. Hank will be missed and never forgotten.

Brutus the crying rottweiler and brother
Brutus the Rottweiler with his brother

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