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Rottweiler Attacked

Rottweiler Attacked

KELOWNA, B.C. — A Kelowna family is living in trepidation after their rottweilers were ruthlessly assaulted.

Charlene Wiebe and Lyle Grexton woke up Tuesday morning to discover blood spilled everywhere on their property due to rottweiler attacked.

The holders aren’t certain how their pets were assaulted, yet suspect the rottweilers were hit with a huge sharp-edged weapons.

“At first I figured it was a cleaver, yet I think there was a hatchet and blade were included on the grounds that the way the skull is crushed,” says Grexton, portraying the injuries to one of his rottweilers.

rottweiler attacked
Rottweiler Surgery after Rottweiler Attacked

The few suspects the aggressor was acquainted with their rottweilers and knew their property which led to the rottweiler attacked.

A weekend ago, Grexton was professedly struck. Today, a companion of his has been captured, confronting attack charges.

“We’re examining the likelihood that these two occurrences are connected,” says Constable Kris Clark.

Two rottweilers are recuperating from the injuries, while their eight-year-old rottweiler has passed away from a loss of blood.

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