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rottweiler beaten to death

Chris Munoz, 27 was taken into custody Wednesday evening in Rancho Cucamonga, California and accused of animal cruelty for beating and ended with the rottweiler beaten to death. Munoz is being held in West Valley Detention Center in lieu of $200,000 safeguard.

Rottweiler Beaten to Death by Drug Addict

rottweiler beaten to death
Rottweiler Beaten To Death

As indicated by the LomaLindaPatch, a witness called the San Bernadino County Sheriff’s Department expressing she saw Munoz beating his pooch in an area park. After he beat the pooch oblivious, he professedly kicked the unprotected creature in the stomach, poured pop on him, fastened the creature, and dragged the canine behind his bike.

Munoz then lifted the canine into a stroller and joined by a nine-year-old kid, secured himself in his condo at the Terra Vista Apartment complex.

Police reports stated that the rottweiler beaten to death could be seen through the glass sliders convulsing and bleeding to death.

Munoz’ wife was contacted, and told the police that her spouse was on drugs.

Hours after Munoz surrendered. The kid was released and the pooch was taken by animal control to a animal healing facility where he passed away. Rottweiler Stories such as these can really fire people up and they should. Feel free to post your thoughts below.

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