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Rottweiler Frustration-Elicited Aggression

What is Rottweiler Frustration-Elicited Aggression?

Rottweiler’s can be similar to children in that when they get frustrated, they now and again lash out with aggression. A Rottweiler who’s energized or stirred by something but is kept away from approaching it can get to be aggressive, especially toward the individual or thing holding the Rottweiler back. For example, a frustrated Rottweiler may pivot and bite at her leash or bite at the hand holding her chain or neckline.
rottweiler frustration-elicited aggression

After some time, the Rottweiler can figure out how to associate restraint with emotions of frustration so that when there’s not something to be excited about, she has a tendency to respond aggressively when restrained. This clarifies why some ordinarily friendly Rottweiler’s get to be aggressive when put behind a door, in an enclosure cage or crate, in an automobile, or on a leash. Similarly, a Rottweiler who loves people can in any case show astonishing levels of hostility when her owner lifts her up so visitors can enter or leave the home. Male and female Rottweiler’s are similarly inclined to Rottweiler Frustration-Elicited Aggression, and this kind of Rottweiler aggression happens in both adults and puppies.

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