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“Rottweiler Puppies For Sale” invites everybody to share their “Rottweiler Stories”! Rottweilers have been given a bad reputation over the years and it seems like the media never share the positive rottweiler stories. This is a place where everyone is welcome to share their own personal rottweiler stories so that we can convince the world that Rottweilers are brave, intelligent, loyal, gentle, goofy, stoic, and very loving animals.

This is a great opportunity for the visitors of “Rottweiler Puppies For Sale” to share and interact with one another. Feel free to share “Rottweiler Stories”, “Rottweiler Photos”, “Rottweiler Advice”, “Rottweiler Tips”, “Rottweiler News”, and anything else related to “Rottweilers”.

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Rottweiler Shot By Officer

rottweiler shot by officer

Rottweiler Shot By Officer-Caught on Video A Pasco County agent shot a Rottweiler while reacting to a call, which was recorded by his body cam, and now the police department is confronting death threats. The Rottweiler’s owner is stating the deputy did not need to shoot her Rottweiler, but rather Sheriff Chris Nocco says he was ...

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Rottweiler Crate Training

rottweiler crate training

It’s time for Rottweiler Crate Training So you have decided to welcome into your home a beautiful Rottweiler puppy. Whether you’ve bought your Rottweiler puppy, rescued it, or it has been given to you, you can count on many years of enjoyment. Rottweiler’s are a standout amongst the most hearty and ...

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Three Common Rottweiler Training Mistakes

three common rottweiler training mistakes

What are three common Rottweiler training mistakes? There are various ways to deal with Rottweiler training and a wide range of methods for implementing these approaches. Most strategies used today are premised upon the thought that encouraging feedback is liable to make the best results. Essentially every functional and successful Rottweiler training program is based ...

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Naming your Rottweiler

naming your rottweiler

What you need to know before naming your Rottweiler What an honor that has been presented to you! You get the chance to name this new little Rottweiler that you have recently brought to your home. It can be very pressuring to decide what name you want to use that is not very cute, not very frilly, and ...

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Rottweiler shot by police in Hawthorne

rottweiler shot by police in hawthorne-dog killed

Rottweiler shot by police in Hawthorne Los Angeles As indicated by the Huffington Post, the feature got 32,000 upvotes after only two hours of presenting it on Reddit. NBC Los Angeles reported that police were arrested the Rottweiler owner Leon Rosby for “obstructing peace officers” at a SWAT stand-off on 137th Street and ...

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Rottweiler Obedience Training Not Just For Show Dogs

rottweiler obedience training not just for show dogs

It’s time for the public to understand that Rottweiler obedience training not just for show dogs nor is it just for Rottweiler’s utilized for services like police work, public services, and the military. It is astounding that such a large number of Rottweiler owners feel that their dog isn’t “sufficient” or “adequate” for formal Rottweiler obedience ...

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Rottweiler Socialization Other Dogs

rottweiler socialization other dogs

Rottweiler Socialization Other Dogs is important Socializing your Rottweiler other dogs to acknowledge new dogs into the family is not generally a simple task. The Rottweiler normally has its own particular thoughts of its territory and home and is for the most part is not a generous animal when it comes to sharing however would much rather ...

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Rottweiler Predatory Aggression

rottweiler predatory aggression

What is Rottweiler Predatory Aggression? Rottweiler’s, or dogs in general, are closely identified with wolves and coyotes, both of whom are substantial predators, and Rottweiler’s still demonstrate some Rottweiler Predator Aggression, including pursuing and snatching quick moving things. Numerous Rottweiler’s love to pursue people that are running, people on bikes, people using inline skates, and automobiles. ...

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