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Rottweiler Car Trips

rottweiler car trip- safety tips

Rottweiler Car Trips Explained Is it accurate to say that you are thinking about how you are going to deal with an upcoming Rottweiler car trips? Maybe it’s the first time that your Rottweiler has gone on holiday, or possibly you are moving home and your Rottweiler needs to go ...

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Tyson the Gentle Giant

tyson the gentle giant

When I was 20 I bought my first Rottweiler  I named him Tyson he was amazing he was the runt of the litter and I just had to have him. He was loyal so smart and loved everyone when he was a puppy he ended up getting parvovirus the vet ...

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10 Funniest Rottweiler Videos

10 funniest rottweiler videos

If you love Rottweiler’s then this video is for you. This is the 10 funniest Rottweiler videos combined into one video for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to leave comments below.

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Dog with Prosthetic Legs

Brutus with prosthetic legs laying down

Brutus the Rottweiler becomes second dog with prosthetic legs This is one of the many rottweiler stories you will want to read. A 2-year-old Rottweiler in Colorado has turned into the second known canine ever to get four prosthetic appendages — and is en route to playing fetch and pursuing ...

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30 Reasons why Rottweilers are Good Pets

cute rottweiler

30 Reasons why Rottweilers are Good Pets Rottweilers are often classified in the media as mean, violent, attack dogs. Many people fear Rottweilers because of the negative impact media has had on the beautiful breed. Most people don’t know that most dog attacks occur due to irresponsible owners that don’t socialize or ...

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Rottweiler Protects Child from abusing father

rottweiler protects child from abusing father

Rottweiler Protects Child from Abusing Father When people hear the word Rottweiler they think big, mean, powerful, and most that don’t know the breed are initially afraid of them. Since numerous individuals have the wrong thought what a rottweiler is, rottweilers are a radiant breed and astonishing companion that loves ...

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